16 Easy Ways To Make Money For Kids

16 Ways To Make Money For Kids

Good day, dear readers! Today, many children wish to earn on their own, so as not to ask their parents for money for their needs. Such a desire arises when their parents make a little, but want to buy, for example, a laptop or a new bike. As you understand, today, we will talk about how to make money for the kid?

It is worth noting that the kid’s desire to earn money on their own must be supported, even when the parents make enough. And adolescents should not hide the desire to earn money because sometimes situations may arise that they cannot overcome without the help of parents.

There are other reasons why the kid wants to make money. This may be a desire to fulfil oneself or help parents. This moment shows that a young man or girl is growing up, becoming conscious and responsible.

How to make money outside the home?

1. Courier

In big cities, there are courier services that people always need. This is an excellent option for a kid. The work includes the delivery of correspondence, letters, small loads, as well as a free press to residential buildings.

It is perfect if you have a bicycle and if you know your city or the area where you are going to work well.

Pros of work – this is a free work schedule, and cons – that you have to be always on the road and sometimes carry heavy bags.

2. Work at the post office

As you know, work must seek in the mail. Not still, there is a peddler’s job at the post office, but they can offer help directly in the department, disassemble and group incoming parcels, documents, and more. It’s impossible to make a lot of money here, but then you will start somewhere.

3. Cleaning of gardens and plots

Often in various government agencies, there are attached territories with a flowerbed, park, or planted trees. You can provide your cleaning services for these areas, receiving money for this. Also, if you also love nature, you can get a service that deals with planting trees.

Also, some people have a private house and adjacent land. They will not refuse the help of a kid who wants to restore order for a small fee.

4. Dog walking

Dog walking

In America, walking dogs for money is probably the most popular way to earn money for a kid.

Often, dog owners do not have much free time or are too lazy to walk them.

If you love dogs, know how to handle them, and are not afraid of them, then this work will suit you. You also need to be responsible, because when you walk with a dog, you are responsible for it.

In general, expect to pay a dog walker about $ 15 to $ 20 per 20-minute walk and $ 20 to $ 30 per 30-minute walk.

Look for those dog owners who live nearby so as not to spend a lot of time on the road. You can also write ads in the entrances or ask your neighbours.

5. Assistance to elementary school students in completing school homework

This option is for high school students who study thoroughly. If you remember the material well in past years and study, you can help elementary school students for money.

Often wealthy parents find professional tutors. Of course, not everyone has such an opportunity. And then it’s easier for parents to find a high school student who does not take a lot of money for the lesson but helps their child complete tasks in mathematics, history, of the English language.

If you show yourself well, then you will be found out in nearby houses or even in your entire area.

6. Camp counsellor

On average, in the United States, a cart in a camp receives $ 12 per hour. This is a great way to have fun making money.

Payment should be agreed in advance so as not to end up working for free. You will also be available for all the entertainment that is here.

7. Posting announcements

Putting up ads in the summer can make good money. You need to work a lot without involving intermediaries, that is, advertising agencies. Payment depends on the number of posted ads. For three summer months at such work, you can sometimes earn on a cool bike.

8. Needlework

This method of earning is more suitable for girls, but guys can make something with their own hands. Girls are quite capable of making beautiful bracelets, hair clips, bows using fabrics, beads, and other improvised materials for this.

Start making custom products. Calculate the cost of the product so as not to remain at a loss. This is the cost of materials plus an extra charge for the work performed.

If everything works out well for you, you will earn the right amount of money and even become the “star” of your school.

9. Car wash

An excellent way for kids who live in cities where traffic jams often occur. When the driver is standing behind a traffic jam, he usually will not mind having his car washed. Take a bucket of water and rags. Wipe discs, hood, rooms, headlights. You can’t earn a lot from one person, but a little amount of money can obtain from each one.

You can arrange with a worker at a nearby gas station to leave buckets and rags with him, so as not to carry them all the time.

10. Distribution of leaflets

Many companies often look for distributors of advertisements. What does this work include? You need to stand near the metro or large shopping centres and hold out leaflets, saying a few words. They pay here mostly hourly. By the way, the work is paid quite well, as for a student. The customer himself controls the activity of distributors of advertisements.

11. Repair of equipment

laptop Repair

An excellent option for high school guys who are versed in technology. Tell your friends, relatives, acquaintances that you can help repair specific equipment. Having set low prices, you will undoubtedly invite, because adult technicians have to pay significantly more.

Let your parents help you and tell you at work that their son can repair a printer or computer for a small fee. Soon, many people will find out about this and will turn to you.

It is worth saying that some options can be used not only in the summer but throughout the year.

And now, we will analyse seven more ways how to make money for a kid on the Internet.

Making money online for kids

On the Internet, most kids already spend quite a lot of time. Here you can find many good ways to earn money for young people 14-18 years old. Making on the Internet is perhaps the most affordable and, with the right approach, the highest paid job.

It’s convenient to make money on the Internet because a kid is at home, and parents are less worried.

The work of a kid not paid in the same way as the work of an adult. But on the Internet the situation is different, age is not so important, only the quality of the work done is essential.

1. Earnings on file hosting

For downloading your file a certain number of times, you credited with the money. Mostly such file hosting services used for work: Depositfiles and Uploaded

How to make money here? Find files that many people are interested in. For example, a new film or a new album by a famous singer. Upload the file to file hosting. Next, advertise your data with a link to it on many forums in the social networks on sites. The more similar advertising you make, the more people will download your file. After the file downloaded the required number of times, you will receive the money that appears in your account.

2. Earnings in photobanks

Those kids who are fond of photography and have already achieved some skill can try to earn money in this way.

Photobanks are particular sites where photographers upload their photos, and anyone can download them by paying a certain amount.

Part of the money went to the photobank, while another paid to the photographer.

There are many photo banks on the Internet. Read on what topic most often people download photos and start taking pictures in this direction.

To work, you must have a camera and a mastery of Photoshop.

When photographing people, always ask them for written permission to post and use the photo where they are present. This is a requirement of almost all photo banks.

3. Work as a copywriter

Work as a copywriter

Working as a copywriter is a severe job. Here you need to write articles on various topics or rewrite finished articles in your own words.
This work is more suitable for those adolescents who can competently write and express their thoughts. Such action allows the student to become more literate and understand many topics because here, you have to process a lot of other people’s texts. Starting earlier, a kid can earn from $ 1 per 1,000 characters of written text, and eventually increase his level by 5-10 dollars or more for 1,000 characters.

4. Promotion of groups in the social. networks

Great opportunities to earn gives the social network Facebook. Many kids are registered here. The essence of the work itself is to promote communities and groups.
To get started, register on one or several special services and complete the proposed tasks. For example, repost, leave a comment, join a group, like.

The better your page will untwist (its rating and the number of friends), the more complex and expensive tasks will become available to you. Thanks to this, your earnings may be higher.

5. Earnings on polls

The essence of the work is to take surveys on specific sites for which money paid. If you register on many such places and work hard on them, you can sometimes earn reasonable amounts of money.


We have examined the types of work for adolescents, earning options, in real life, and on the Internet and found out whether adolescents can even work. Now you know how to make money to a kid.

The main task of parents is to help their child, trying to earn money, not to quit studying, communicate with peers, and have time to relax. Also, to help a young man or girl to understand people and find a common language with many people.

Maintain the desire of the kid to work, because this is a sign that your child is growing up.

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