19 secrets of an amazing life from Tony Robbins

19 secrets of a fantastic life from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins (Anthony (Tony) Robbins) – writer, motivator, a specialist in self-development and psychology of leadership from the United States. One of the most famous life coaches who has influenced the lives of more than 50 million people around the world. Robbins is the author of 5 books, distributed in huge print runs, many seminars, audio, and video courses. Forbes magazine included Robbins in the “100 Most Influential Celebrities” on the planet. And here are his lessons:

Lesson 1

The higher the energy level, the more effective your body. The more active your body is,
the better you feel, and the more you will use your talents for
achieving superior results.

A healthy and active body will affect a successful life. And here is an unhealthy body devoid of
energy that is unlikely to provide a positive result. The better you feel, the more
you can do it. Start your day with exercise and proper nutrition, and see how
your consciousness develops and the body filled with energy.

Lesson 2

Only those in the cemetery have no problems.

Understand that everyone has problems, even people who have everything. Will always arise
new issues, but they challenge us and contribute to growth.

Lesson 3

Our only problem is that we convinced that we have no issues
must! Difficulties harden us, look into their eyes, and solve them right now.

Problems are good. Problems mean you are out of your comfort zone and
allowed themselves to accept the challenge. Going through life without problems is easy, but by doing this, you miss
so many great features and experiences. Learn to Call for Problems
action and a way to improve yourself.

Lesson 4

Overcoming difficulties is a formative challenge.

Do not be afraid to do something that, in your opinion, is too difficult. Do not avoid difficulties
look at them as an obstacle to be overcome. A feeling of overcoming
obstacles is stronger than pleasure from reaching the ultimate goal of travel.

Lesson 5

No errors exist. There are only results.

There are so many things in life that we don’t do, fearing a mistake. Through this fear, we
limit ourselves to new experiences, beautiful things that life can do for us
offer. It is essential to realize that errors do not exist. If you started to do something, but not
It turned out; this is not a mistake. This is progress. This is part of the learning process. This is an adventure.
Change your beliefs.

Lesson 6

If you are grateful, fear disappears, and pleasure comes.

People let fear dictate terms. They emphasize the importance of this emotion, and it
takes precedence over every thought and action. Learn to replace fear with
thanks. Replace the phrase “I am so scared to run my first marathon” with the words, “I
so grateful to run my first marathon. ”

Lesson 7

Your income today is the result of your standards, not industry or
I have heard from many that they want to succeed in their industry, but there are so many in the market
people engaged in the same, and the economic situation is not at hand for them now. Nonsense.
These are just excuses not to make efforts to achieve the desired
result. Want to be a terrific photographer, don’t worry that there are a million
other photographers. Focus on yourself, raise your standards, and work in its
direction. Only you have the power, not the people around you.

Lesson 8

Live gratefully.

Learn to enjoy what you have and not always want more. How can you want
more if you don’t rejoice at what is already there? Live every day with thanks and you
You can give less importance to the things you want while enjoying what you have.
Start each day with words of gratitude and end by doing the same.

Lesson 9

Start living as if your prayers have already answered.
Visualization of the desired is an integral part of the process of obtaining this. Learn to appreciate that
you have and thank life, setting your goals higher and higher.

Lesson 10

It’s not what we get. The thing is who we become, what we bring … it fills our lives with meaning.

In the end, we don’t remember what things a person had, but we remember how we felt
yourself next to him, his actions, and we will not forget this for life. Stop wanting and
Become the person you would be proud of. No one will say, “yes, this is a girl with
a cool phone. ” No, they will say: “I remember, she constantly made me laugh.” Ask
yourself, are you proud of who you are now?

Lesson 11

Life is a gift offering privileges, opportunities, responsibility in response to
our growth.

How often do we stop thinking about our luck and take everything from opportunity,
called life? Life is a gift, and we thank her for it, making everything possible from her.
Being negative and unhappy is almost like a slap in the face. It’s like saying that you don’t be
grateful for such a gift as life. Our responsibility is to thank everyone
for what we have and help those who are not so lucky. The more we share experiences and do,
the more chances we have to thank the world.

Lesson 12

Change your expectation to gratitude, and your world will change.

It is good to dream and have hope, but it’s terrible to shift your mood to them and
the perception of the world. Work for your dreams, but don’t expect the world to spin
around you and your needs. Learn to live with gratitude instead of
hoping for something that will make you happy. Go towards the goals, but be
satisfied with what you have. This is the key to success.

Lesson 13

Demand more from yourself than anyone can expect.

Requiring more of yourself means understanding your inner potential and more
self-love. Do not listen to doubts in your head, and do not listen to others.
Learn to exceed even your expectations.

Lesson 14

There will be no greatness without the desire to be great, no matter whether you are an athlete or an actor, a scientific
Worker or father, or maybe a businessman.

You will never force yourself to do what the soul does not lie to. The secret to success is
to love what you do and find passion in doing this. Only then you
want to do it.

Lesson 15

Live passionately!

Every moment lives with passion, joy, love, and gratitude. Write
a list of things you love and make sure that you surround yourself with a constant
doing these things. No need to write what makes you happy, write what
makes the heart sing. Now create a list of what you always wanted to do and
gradually find ways to do this. Live to the fullest, laugh more often. If
you can do these two things, so you have found the secret of life.

Lesson 16

Everyone is dying. But not everyone lives.

Right now, stop and think about your life. Do you live here full of
your potential? Do you do what you want? Do you see what you want? Say what
Do you consider it necessary? We are in this world for a reason, and we are not here for a whole week
waiting for the weekend. We are to live passionately every day, with gratitude and
cognition. Be those who live and die and not those who simply die.

Lesson 17

We will always act in terms of who we are.

We are those for whom we take ourselves. Learn to love yourself and see your benefits. If
they tell you that you are good at something, do not shrug embarrassedly, and do not deny.
Say thanks and believe it.

Lesson 18

Why usually live, if you can do something unusual.

Very few people live to the fullest, and many realize this too late. Don’t bring
yourself like that. You have only one life, so live it with dignity.

Lesson 19

Live a full life while you are here. Try it all. Take care of yourself and your friends.
Have fun, go crazy, be freaky. Take a walk and get into trouble! All
it will happen anyway, so why not have fun. Learn from your mistakes: don’t try to be perfect; just be human.

Life should be taken as a beautiful gift and be thankful for
that you live on this planet. People often leave us, and at such moments they usually say
that life is too short. Do not wait to tell yourself that you need to live. Do it
right now. Waking up every day, be happy to be alive, and be yourself. Be
the best version of yourself, and love yourself.
How beautiful this world is!

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