NLP and Hypnosis – What are the Differences and Similarities?

NLP and Hypnosis – What are the Differences and Similarities?

The impact on the subconscious of the interlocutor often used by people knowledgeable in hypnotherapy. The process expresses an interest in a specific story with an exciting plot. The interlocutor’s subconscious is already under the control of the narrator, which allows him to manipulate the client quickly. A similar action is called NLP hypnosis. Owners of this technique usually conduct a conversation from a third or first-person, smoothly moving to a direct appeal. The suggestion is accompanied by a specific therapeutic comparison, which makes it possible to strengthen the effect of the effect on the subconscious.

Hypnosis and NLP: what is the difference

Neuro-linguistic programming includes a unique hypnotic technique that acts on the subconscious in a unique secret way. It distinguished by the presence of vivid comparisons, significant, symbolic. All factors together allow you to immerse the person in a trance. Unlike standard hypnosis, NLP does not practice control phrases.

A person does not realise that he is under the control of another individual. This indicates a complete disconnection of the power of consciousness since it is impossible to resist what you do not suspect. The hypnologist interacts with knowledge directly, which is 99%, gives the desired result.

Features of the technique of love hypnosis

People management NLP hypnosis actively practised in the field of love relationships. The first step to success is a flawless appearance. He will make it possible to win over the interlocutor, will make a pleasant impression on him.

This moment is especially important for women – a well-groomed and self-confident lady emits invisible vibes, which on a subconscious level, are caught by representatives of the opposite sex. The other nuance is positive behaviour, conversation in a calm, slightly commanding tone, looking the partner directly in the eye.

Tactile contact

The chosen love “object” must be touched, doing it “by chance” and unobtrusively. Physical contact becomes a kind of “bait hook.” Having swallowed it, the victim of suggestion will always recall the gentle touch of the adversary. At this stage, it is essential to take the person confidently by the wrist, pressing lightly on him. This will immerse the person in a trance state.

It is not easy for ordinary people to understand how this technique works, but it works flawlessly. The action simply disarms the victim. Street gipsies act similarly, conducting a quick heartfelt conversation with a person, taking his hand. As a result, many people are ready to give all their savings to fraudsters. Love hypnosis built on roughly the same pattern.

The technique of love suggestion


When building personal relationships, neuro-linguistic hypnosis involves copying actions, tone of speech, gestures of a selected object with subsequent modelling of its behaviour.

Learn more about the techniques and their features here. Technology exposure is not particularly difficult. The hypnologist placed opposite the object begins to adapt to it — the process accompanied by duplication of movements to the smallest detail.

The second stage is synchronised breathing. The manipulator is trying to catch the rhythm of the victim’s breaths. It is also necessary to properly navigate the relaxed manner of a person, operating in the same words and phrases. All together allows the hypnotist to get as close to the victim as possible.

Most often, people with a romantic nature fall into the network of love-making scams. They are easily suggestible; in certain circles, they characterised as those who wish to be deceived by themselves. The adversary often perceived as the undisputed leader whose decision is beyond doubt.

How to protect yourself

If you or someone you know has fallen into the insidious networks of a swindler-manipulator, the best way to get rid of the negative is to contact a specialist. The psychologist-psychologist Baturin Nikita Valerievich, helped many families in different directions. The main recommendations to partially protect themselves from the effects of mercenary manipulators:

  • Do not look into the eyes of a potential adversary; a few seconds of direct contact is enough to suppress the will.
  • Limit stranger’s access to their own space, distance from them by 1-2 meters.
  • Avoid any tactile contact with alleged hypnotists.
  • Do not answer obscure questions from unfamiliar people.
  • Follow the manner of the interlocutor. If he tries to copy your gestures and adapt to a single breath, you likely have a love hypnologist.

Almost everyone has heard about love spells and magic regarding personal relationships. The fact that the facts evidence this works. For example, until recently, a decent family man leaves his wife and children to stay alone with a temptress for a couple of hours. Similar stories are as old as the world.

Methods of neurolinguistic programming

Learning NLP hypnosis requires the development of several standard techniques. They aimed at attracting a partner to themselves, facilitating an interview during employment, proving their innocence.

  1. Breath. Observing people noticed that when talking 30-40 minutes with another person, people’s breathing is synchronised. Copying the behaviour of a pleasant interlocutor is inherent in human nature. NLP uses this moment from the very beginning of the conversation, which allows you to find a partner for yourself quickly. The collar of clothing can note the frequency and rhythm of breathing.
  2. Sight. The main thing here is not to look a person closely into the eyes, not to look away sharply. Such an action often regarded as stealth or aggression. It is best to see the bridge of the nose, while outwardly remaining calm.
  3. Movement. When copying the interlocutor’s gestures, you don’t need to do this explicitly and openly. Arms crossed on the chest indicate a protective posture. It’s not worth duplicating it; on the contrary, you need to try to “reveal” your opponent.
  4. Avoid “no” particles. This combination is of little relevance when conducting conversations with unfamiliar and close people.

All these factors together provide the maximum opportunity for manipulation by a person and his subconscious.

Conversational Hypnosis and NLP

Milton Erickson developed therapeutic conversational suggestion. The technique is called “Erickson.” It combines elements of hypnosis and conversational effects on the subconscious. Particular control phrases not used here; human potential used. The specified method is more straightforward than the usual technique but no less efficient.

Conversational hypnosis is a kind of word order, a unique style of narration aimed at adjusting the client’s subconscious. Life example: trade managers with a “well-suspended” language manage to sell unnecessary goods. Stalin and Hitler used similar tricks. Already at that time, it was known about the profound impact on the minds of people of a combination of specific phrases and gestures. For a filigree possession of such a technique, a particular gift was required, which not every person has.

Hidden hypnosis


The main nuance of the occult practice of suggestion is to join the client correctly. There are two options: physiological and psychological level. The first method involves unobtrusive copying of gestures, facial expressions, body movements of the interlocutor. A successful connection is indicated by the patient repeating the action of the hypnotist throughout the conversation.

Specialists thoroughly possess psychological suggestions; it is much more complicated and compelling. Such an interaction allows us to direct the thoughts of a person in the right direction. They are joining carried out by controlling the look of the interlocutor, as well as the phrases used in the conversation.

Stages of hidden NLP hypnotherapy:

  1. The hypnologist sits opposite the client, looks directly into his eyes. Then an involuntary hand movement that attracts attention is performed.
  2. After the conversation starts, you should convince the patient that you and he experience identical feelings.
  3. You should not go deeper into the problem; a superficial discussion with brief conclusions will suffice.
  4. The result considered successful if the client is ready to share his story sincerely and independently.

Exciting Facts About Erickson Hypnosis

The main nuance of Erickson’s (everyday) impact on the subconscious is the lack of power and volitional attitudes issued by the hypnotist by order. Information provided gently, the emphasis is not on template schemes, but on the behaviour of an individual.

In his practice, an American psychotherapist came up with a separate story for a specific visitor, which allowed the patient to overcome his fears and cope with the existing problem independently. Erickson’s method filled with modelling images and situations, the way out of which a person can determine independently.

There are practically no differences between NLP and conversational hypnosis. In both cases there is no suppression and submission to which the person’s subconscious mind resists, regardless of the psychological state.

Milton Erickson found an ingenious way to combine hypnosis and medical psychology. His methodology provides for respect for the individual with an attitude towards the patient, as an independent unit in terms of the production of changes.

When used correctly, NLP and hypnosis can awaken the inner potential of the personality, which often leads to unexpected results and positive transformations.

Experienced hypnotherapists who practice conversational hypnosis do not seek to take an explicit leadership position. The conversation takes place in the same areas; the location of the specialist and the patient about each other is also identical. A person perceived with the peculiarities of his behaviour, including the style of speech, the pose adopted during the conversation, the thread of the story about problems, or joyful events.

Erickson’s technique sometimes applies actions using moments of resistance. They are relevant to aggressive or opposition-minded individuals. Usually, pleasant memories practised, which make it possible for a person to travel to his inner world, feeling joyful moments smoothed by everyday life.

People using NLP quickly achieve their goals. They can prove themselves in various fields of activity: advertising, trade, tourism, personnel management. This gives an advantage in overcoming the career ladder, in comparison with colleagues of the same professional level, but not possessing knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming.

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