The Most Effective Morning Meditation (Manual)

The most effective morning meditation

Most people do not imagine the morning rise joyful and cheerful, as we have shown in the advertisement, where happy heroes stretch themselves sweetly in snow-white sheets and jump out of bed with a smile.

And it doesn’t matter if you are an early bird or an owl – at the current pace of life, the body becomes not enough sleep the notorious 8 hours a day for complete recovery. Hence the lousy mood right in the morning, lethargy, apathy.

Alternative to Caffeine and Sugar

In such conditions, we forced to resort to auxiliary methods that will give us at least some vivacity in the morning: a cold shower, strong coffee, someone who does not neglect energy drinks.

We live in an age of information and informatization, and it is surprising why so few people use the centuries-old achievements of mankind to maintain a healthy body and spirit. Most of them dwell on methods that are actively promoting us through advertising on TV and the Internet (we do not take into account partially “Useful” advertisements urging you to drink clean water to maintain vitality and health, and some others) – coffee, a lot of coffee, energy drinks, incredibly sweet bars that supposedly help with a breakdown.

When we talk about the centuries-old experience of mankind in maintaining the health of the body and spirit, we, of course, mean yoga, meditation, Ayurveda. Surely you have heard that, in particular, meditation changes the brain and relaxes the body – and these facts are scientifically proven!


In this article, we give 6 practical advantages that are a direct result of the consistent practice of morning meditation:

You no longer need caffeine

Meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which causes deep relaxation during exercise. Even if you wake up “broken,” after 20 minutes of meditation, you will receive a portion of endorphins that will bring you back to life! This will help you consume less caffeine in the morning or even eliminate it.

You will become more resistant to stress

As a result of the practice, you will find that during the day, you organically enter the “state of flow,” in which you quickly adapt to changes, including all kinds of surprises. Meditation is like a cure for stress, while the primary side effects of such a “cure” will be a better quality of sleep, a stream of inspiration, and happiness.

Activation of the mental spam filter

The busy mind syndrome occurs when there is no mental spam filter. Imagine if your mailbox did not have a spam filter, and during the search for every real message, you would have to look through hundreds of messages with ads, offers to install the game, buy Viagra, invest in a gray business and so on. Meditation helps to filter out the external “noise,” as well as the internal negative from the most important thing for you at a given time.

You eat cleaner


Numerous studies have shown that with sleep problems and in the presence of stress, people have a craving for eating unhealthy foods, while “seizing” negative emotions. As a result of the practice of morning meditations, you will find that the need for donuts, fried foods, and other unhealthy foods is leaving.

Especially for men

Meditation entails an increase in the level of testosterone in the male body, which ensures a healthy libido. Also, meditation increases the ability to multitask, and it known that, for example, men inclined to perform only one task at a given time (for example, if a woman can simultaneously drive a car, write SMS and maintain a conversation with a fellow traveler, then the man is more often focused on performing one task, and to answer the call or write SMS – he will stop).

Headache reduction

Although meditation is not a substitute for treatment, it is known to reduce headaches. Therefore, meditation is the perfect complement to traditional methods of healing and maintaining health.

Morning technique

The Most Effective Morning Meditation (Manual)

So what is needed to practice meditation in the morning? The answer will be simple – only you and your mood required. It doesn’t matter what technique you use; the main thing is to try to make the practice of meditation the first thing you do by opening your eyes in the morning. Practice before you turn on the news or start checking numerous social networks and email on your phone.

As soon as you open your eyes – sit down, close your eyes, and start!

You can do the practice on a rug or just on the floor.

  • Sit on the floor in a comfortable position for you (just with your legs crossed or in Padmasana). Cover your eyes.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale slowly;
  • Inhale again, feel how the energy fills the body: during inhalation, first try to fill the stomach with air, and then the chest area, expanding it;
  • Exhale slowly, letting go of morning drowsiness, apathy, and possible negativity;
  • Keep breathing deeply, slowly and calmly;
  • Clench your hands into fists, feel the muscles and strength in your hands. Now release your fists, allowing your hands to be free and relaxed. Let your hands warm and wake up, repeat the cycle of squeezing, and relaxing your hands.
  • Let the energy flow through your body, fill up with energy and watch how the body awakens;
  • Move your palms to the center of the chest, and begin to rub them against each other actively. Feel the hot energy between your palms, and then bring your palms to your face, put them to your eyes, folding them in handfuls. Open your eyes and look at the lines of the palms in the darkness created by the palms pressed to the face. Think about how the paths of life on the palms change. Take your palms away from your face, continuing to look at them: think that your whole life is changing for the better.
  • After that, close your eyes again and wash your entire body with energy: barely touching the skin, move your palms up to your forehead, crown, down along the back of your head, shoulders, neck, ribs, hips, legs – at the end, connect your palms in mudra namaste;
  • If you practice prayers, mantras – then at this stage, it’s time to read them. If not, say aloud (you can quietly, but sound vibrations should come) words of gratitude to the universe/cosmos/parents/others about what you have, say sincere and kind personal requests.
  • Open your eyes and watch how your body feels. Pay all your attention inward just by observing the state of the body. Listen to the breath.

Please note that now you can feel both calm and relaxed, and at the same time excited, energetic.

Now you can enter a new day with readiness to gratefully accept everything that fate has prepared for you!

Remember that the way you start the morning in that mood will pass your day.

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